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The girl behind the boutique...

Welcome! I’m so glad to meet you here! I’m Saprina,  a 30-ish single mom, self proclaimed fashion and beauty junkie, professional DIYer, executive recruiter by day, Owner/CEO/CFO of Hangers & Grace Boutique by night!

But, you see, those are the things I've become. Things I've accomplished in my 30 years. Over the last few years my my identity has changed. The fact is that I am a Daughter of the King, a sinner saved by GRACE. I’m still learning to accept that title- the title I didn't earn in any way- that is actually my my true identity. My sinful flesh would like to think I did something to earn it, but God continues to humbles me and remind me that I am only saved by HIS GRACE. I keep losing my pride in who I am on my own. And oddly enough love that, because it’s so exciting to see that God is still working on me!  :)

There are two things in life I never seem to have enough of, and that is hangers and GRACE! My prayer is that my business  not just sale clothes but would be an encouragement to other women who are in the same place as I am-career focused moms, creating a home, serving God,  enjoying life and looking fabulous while doing it! May our time be well spent in serving Him- inspiring one another and looking stylish along the way!


Saprina D

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